Dear Family & Friends of The Village at Brookwood:  


In early June we began proactively testing all employees of The Village at Brookwood. Along with Cone Health leadership, our leadership team has created a plan to allow our campus the best possible chance to succeed against COVID-19. Testing will be on a bi-weekly basis for all employees. Because our healthcare residents are at highest risk, we also performed a ONE-TIME baseline test on all healthcare residents when we began ourtesting protocol. We are pleased to share that ALL test results to date are negative for the COVID-19 virus.


You might be asking, “Why are we doing this?”


On February 28, COVID-19 made its formal introduction to long term care at a skilled nursing facility in Washington State. Because of this tragic event, the long-term care industry along with state and federal agencies began treating this new disease with extreme caution and tremendous respect. Nationally, we began implementing new policies, procedures, and protocols in attempts to keep our campuses’ safe and secure to the fullest extent possible.


At The Village at Brookwood, we have restricted visitation, ceased communal dining, and limited the amount of interaction amongst staff, residents, and caregivers. We have normalized wearing face masks, waiting 6 feet apart to practice social distancing, and frequent washing of hands. Thus far, we have been successful in maintaining our goal of preventing an outbreak from occurring on our campus, but we know more challenging days are still to come.


Even though testing is not currently mandated by state or federal guidelines, we at The Village at Brookwood feel the need to further our efforts in combatting this disease. The hope, with proactive testing, is that we will be able to intervene and prevent the spread of this disease if it were to enter our campus by way of asymptomatic individuals.


Our goal through the duration of this pandemic is to remain proactive in our planning and implementation of new protocols and policies. This is yet another proactive approach that we believe will help keep our campus safe.


As always, thank you for your support, trust, diligence, and commitment as we collectively attempt to keep our campus safe.


-Michael Garland, Executive Director