Dear Family & Friends of The Village at Brookwood:

Over the past eight weeks, we have shared best practices and implemented protocols in response to COVID-19 in attempts to minimize our campus’ potential for exposure as conditions have changed. We will continue to make adjustments to our normal operating procedures, as needed.

In addition to the preventative measures that we announced through posts on the news page of our website,, we are asking residents to remain in their residences as much as possible and minimize off-campus trips. To help our residents adhere to state and local stay at home orders as well as our requests for social distancing, we are:

  • Providing residents with washable, reusable cloth masks for use while outside of their personal residence.
  • Offering shopping and delivery services at a local grocery store four days each week. Simply place orders in advance by phone or email with our Life Enrichment team. This is in addition to our Dining Services “Village at Brookwood Shopping List.”
  • Broadcasting a live weekly COVID-19 Update, featuring new national, state, local, Cone Health and community recommendations and guidelines also including resident on-air Q&A.
  • Creating new video presentations that include Dining’s “Cocktail Minute” (a featured libation to pair with…), “Cooking with Anthony & Arthur” (an easy meal that staff and residents can purchase and prepare at home), plus “Getting to Know You” (new employee interviews hosted by Michael Garland).
  • Engaging with residents with virtual versions of fun activities such as Broadcast Bingo, Video Workouts, Wine & Cheese Delivery and Pizza Delivery & A Movie.
  • Encouraging our residents to be mentally engaged, physically active and get outside for a breath of fresh air and a stroll around the pond to enjoy the spring weather.

As you know, at The Village at Brookwood our priority is the safety and well-being of our residents. Although this pandemic has challenged our ability to connect with our residents on a personal level, our dedicated team is continuing to implement new, creative ways to keep our residents engaged. Please take comfort knowing how much our team cares about, loves and appreciates our residents and their families for the thanks and support they are sharing with us.

-Michael Garland, Executive Director