Dear Family & Friends of The Village at Brookwood:

Over the past several weeks, we have implemented several protocols in response to COVID-19 in attempts to minimize our campus’ potential for exposure. As this highly contagious virus continues to spread, we will continue making appropriate adjustments to our normal operating procedures, when necessary.

In addition to the preventative measures that we announced on March 18 and March 24 which are posted on the news page of our website,, we are adding the following protocols Effective Monday, April 6 that will remain in effect until further notice:

  • We are suspending all independent living housekeeping services that take place within an individual residence. This temporary measure allows us to minimize potential risk of contamination by a team member within a resident’s home – their safe space, and will allow us to adjust the job duties of our housekeeping team to include the regular sanitization of high traffic areas such as common areas, corridors, ancillary rooms, and stairwells, just to name a few. We feel that this adjustment will assist our overall goal of decreasing our campus’ potential for outbreak.
  • We are offering a new Cleaning Caddy Checkout Service for residents who do not have basic cleaning supplies during the suspension of housekeeping services. Residents can request a one-day reservation for a cleaning caddy which includes: basic cleaning supplies for kitchens and bathrooms plus cleaning clothes. Residents may also request use of a vacuum. Throughout this time, our housekeeping team is available to respond to emergency housekeeping needs such as major spills or accidents.    
  • We are implementing daily trash and weekly recycling pickup services for residents residing in the apartment building. Residents simply place trash and recycling outside their doors by 10:00 AM for pickup and new trash bag delivery. For cottage residents, contracted providers will continue to pick up trash and recycling per the current schedule.
  • We are enforcing a new Masking requirement for ALL Village at Brookwood team members to wear masks during their work shifts. We are encouraging our residents to wear masks whenever they are outside of their residences.

As always, thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding during this challenging time.

-Michael Garland, Executive Director